The Sanctuary of Truth Museum

A gigantic wooden construction which covers the area of more than two rais.

Inspirations of Mr. Lek and Mrs. Praphai Viriyahphan

The world today has been advanced, especially in materialism where people seem to be ambitious, greedy and try to take advantage of others in order to acquire what they want. Subsequently, peace does not exist in today’s society.

Realizing the society with chaos and lack of morality, starting from a person to a family and then to society and the nation and eventually the whole world,

Mr. Lek and Mrs. Praphai Viriyahphan have come up with creative ideas of building the Ancient City to reflect the lifestyle of Thai people in the past with different religions and cultures but they could live together peacefully because they had strong belief, respect one another and fervent piety.

Later, Mr. Lek and Mrs. Praphai sponsored the construction of the Erawan Museum intending to make the public realize a great teaching – doing good and avoiding bad so that humans may live together happily. And eventually, the couple built the Sanctuary of Truth Museum to teach people to behave well for their own benefits and for others according to the Buddhist teaching, which will lead to the peace of the world.


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