The Sanctuary of Truth Museum

A gigantic wooden construction which covers the area of more than two rais.

Outside the Sanctuary of Truth

Religions were originated from humans as there were no scientific mechanisms to control human spirituality except “sufficiency” and “piety.” Fervent piety and patience can lead to liberation.

The rooftop stands a 4-faced Brahma, which symbolizes the rulers’ great morals, whether they be father, mother, teacher, lecturer, national leaders or the king, who have to stick to the four Buddhist virtues or Brahmaviharas or the four immeasurables, namely benevolence, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity. Where the four Buddhist virtues prevail, it will be fertile with blessings, prosperity, known as the land of Dhramma, the golden land. The Throne is in the center of the castle. It’s so simple and plain as if it was floating in the universe where anyone of us has equality rights with fairies or goddesses. The throne can be seated at the 4 directions. A person who has worked hard to enlightenment, he/she will be liberated and attained genuine happiness. The rooftop at the four directions and the apex symbolize human missions, namely,

The Eastern rooftop (E) features a beauty queen carrying the scriptures, which mean the duties to inherit religious philosophies for humans to have a proper guideline in life.

The Northern rooftop (N) features a fairy carrying a lotus, which means the duties to practice religious teachings in order to continue with the religions.

The Western rooftop (W) features a beauty queen carrying ears of paddy and a pigeon hold an arm, which means the duties to maintain fertility for the peace of the world community.

The Southern rooftop (S) features a fairy holding an arm of a child and an old man, which means the duties to continue with the human race based on humanities.

The central apex features a fairy riding on a horse, which combines the duties of the rooftop of the four directions to become a great hero, who will move forward into the world of future with specific goals – the peaceful world. The Sanctuary of Truth Museum wants humanities to understand the truth in life, be committed to continue with philosophies to ensure eternal peace to humans.


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