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Discover the truth

Discover the truth

“Who are we? Where are we from? How do we live our lives? And what is a life goal?” One of the most common philosophical questions which have been asked several times. Either answer from every time will not be the same and so these times.
We will guide you to find answers to those questions at this place. All wood sculptures in the Sanctuary of truth have been carved during the discovery of the seventh truths of life by the following.

First Truth

“Who are we?  Where are we from?”

The first question reflects human beings have rearranged from words into carved art for four elements (Earth, water, wind, and fire) to remind the equality of human beings. Either different in races, religions, or conditions, but we all have the same destination in the end. That is where four elements formed.

Second Truth

“How do we live our lives?”
Under different outer shells, we all grew up the same. That is the natural law of life. The second truth will exhibit with wood sculptures tied to the human life cycle of birth, aging, and pain that common nature will. Even though each person’s afterlife can be different.

Third Truth

“The End of Life”

The final stage of a life cycle is “death” through the Buddha’s relics. Once we are born naked, we also leave this world with nothing. No matter, we cannot bring anything to the afterlife. What is left behind are those things accomplished for others once you live.

Fourth Truth

“Samples of Civilization”

The fourth truth is about famous civilizations in the Eastern world who have left this world. Each story and goodness still affect the lives of the next generation. Especially, the philosophy and life principles that have influenced many generations to come.

Fifth Truth

“What is a life goal?”
To be able to set up life goals is simple, but also not effortless. The fifth truth will show a path of answer guidelines for practice which locate at the pillars around the great castle.

Sixth Truth

“Society is like a two-sided coin”
Like a coin with both head and tail, society also contains good and bad sides. The sixth truth will represent the guidance path of how to compromise and what shall happen if we choose not to do.

Seventh Truth

“The beginning of society”
“Family” is an important beginning of a life that built up values, beliefs, and personalities those affecting society. It is like the first teacher and friend. The seventh truth (Family) represents the bond between people in the family which reminds us of the true love of parents, what they had sacrificed, and what have we done for them.