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Mr. Lek and Mrs. Praphai Viriyahphan

It began during high school in China (Shanghai’s city) where Mr.Lek Viriyaphan (Founder) has inspired by cultural art, religion, and philosophy. Even after leaving China back to Thailand to continue the career path of his family business, he did not stop his interest in cultural art and managed free time in his career to continue study about religion and cultural art.

Once successsfully in his business, he began to follow his dream with much help and support from his wife (Mrs.Praphai Viriyaphan). It is time to follow his ideals and high-spirited aspirations. He spends his time creating cultural works of art which include “Ancient City Museum”, “Sanctuary of Truth Museum”, and “Erawan Museum”. All those pieces are not only visually valuable but also contain hidden spiritual values that cannot be assessed.

Mr.Lek and his family directly meet and discuss with many field academicians to cooperate in his projects. It take them over 10 years to study and surveyed the sight all over Thailand to collect data and detail for each location. The more he read and saw what is historical with the philosophical idea about people and cultural art, the creativity is growing like a shadow. Until becoming “Sanctuary of Truth Museum” and “Erawan Museum” respectively.

Founder's Wills

Under the determination of “Only philosophy art has nourished the human mind as it is today. Should it be that the cultural traditions that the ancestors gave to their children will be abandoned and destroyed in such a tragic way?”. Founder realizes true that western science brings knowledge, prosperity, and convenience like never before. But on the other hand, it cannot raise the human mind. We look beyond our own background. look beyond cultural Traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. Although people do not have the opportunity to recognize their own nature that has been inherited for a long time, how can they easily accept it? That makes him know what needs to be done.